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Ultrasonic Protection against Fleas and Ticks


There are many injuries due to mosquito bites. Mosquito bites can harm your skin and itching can bother you.
Especially when a mosquito bites a baby, the discomfort makes it cry.

Ticks and fleas can make your pet sick with diseases like Lyme disease and paralysis.

Our ultrasonic flea and tick protection provides a safe and easy way to protect your family and pet.


  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE:  Ultrasonic pulse emission is effective on ticks within a 2.5 meter radius that covers 99% of all dogs. It spreads from head to toe, including on your pet's tail, fur, and fur, killing and repelling fleas and ticks so they don't have to bite your dog.
  • NO CHEMICALS:  Your pet deserves the best! This ultrasonic repellent is 100% nonreactive, hypoallergenic, waterproof, odorless and easy to use. It is also safe for younger animals and for older, sick or pregnant pets.
  • RECHARGEABLE:  Large battery capacity. You can continue working 7 days after loading.
  • WATER RESISTANT:  The vet recommends flea and tick protection with a water repellent formula that offers your pets complete protection anytime, anywhere, even when it rains, swims or bathes. Your pets can enjoy their playtime.


    • Color: white, black
    • DC: 5V
    • Power: 0.07 W
    • Working current: 1.8 mA
    • Material: ABS
    • Weight: 60 grams.
    • Size: 44.5 * 42.5 * 65mm
    • Effective range: 10-60㎡
    • Charging mode: USB charging


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