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Balance™ Neck Pillow

10 minutes is all it takes to feel wonderful relief

Stand a little taller and with confidence and without pain with our BalancePillow™️ Alignment Tool. Supporting all the right areas to align your neck and spine, this alignment pillow helps train your body to maintain its upright position. 

Neck Tension pain from issues such as Pinched Nerves, Herniated Discs, Poor Spine Alignment, Compressed Discs, Headaches, & Jaw Joint Pain cause a lot of discomfort . Our neck hammock helps by gentle cradling the neck and removing the pressure and weight of the head while correcting spine alignment.

Feel fresh and invigorated in just 10 mins using the cervical pillow. Gently stretches, relaxes and rejuvenates neck and shoulders anyplace, anytime.

Align the cervical traction device is made of premium quality ABS. Use the neck support forever! The neck stretcher is lightweight and convenient to carry and storage, ideal for use at home, at the office chair, at the gym, in the car or yoga mat.